History – How it all began in 1999

Elias Park Junior Club (EPJC) was first conceived in March when Mrs Carol Tan announced the start of a club in order to learn more about the boys with whom her sons were playing football with. The registration grew and from thereon it has been no turning back.

During the months that followed, Carol contacted schools for available fields, clubs for some assistance in coaching but to no avail. Mr Vincent Subramaniam, national coach (at that time) gave her some some jerseys and soccer balls and directed a journalist from Lifestyle (a magazine circulated by Tampines Town Council) to contact her for their story.

After the article was published, Mr Andre Yeo, journalist with Weekend East, contacted Carol to write an article and upon learning of our coaching needs, he put her in touch with Paul Masefield of Little League Pte Ltd, who offered 6 months of free training services. Once the news was released, the membership more than doubled.

With the above set there was a need of a proper football field. Carol contacted Mr Sapii, then Principal of Siglap Sec School, who gave her his support for the project as he also believes it will keep the neighbourhood kids constructively occupied.

At the end of the first 6 months period, the benefits of the program were obvious as besides teaching soccer skills, it has helped to develop them physically, mentally, improved their soccer skills and more important, to be `colour-blind’ in our multi-racial society.

In late 1999, Carol was approached by Mr. Alvin Yeo of Pasir Ris Zone 12 RC to continue the program as NE SOCCER PROGRAMME 2010 with NE CDC and the Pasir Ris Grassroots organizations and which continued to have the firm support of its Parent Volunteers, who presently help to manage the programme

In year 2001, to reflect the involvement of older kids in the soccer program, the club was renamed as Elias Park Football Club (EPFC) and registered with ROS as a society.

EPFC has for all this time provided to no less than 5000 children and youths who at one time or other, been a part of the club or participated in EPFC organised events – as much as the club had been a part of their development in their passion (soccer) and personality.

The club provides a platform of holistic development for all ages, and service to so many in and around the community, including the less fortunate and under-privileged. The program aims to keep our kids and youth constructively occupied and to develop sports as a way of life. Its inherent colour-blind approach to membership and beyond, is aligned to the nation’s multi-racial and multi-cultural focus.

To this end, EPFC has organized numerous events more than just for its members eg. Singapore School for the Deaf, Sports & Recreation Committee for the Deaf, Eurasian Association, Japanese School, Pertapis Children Home, AMP Youth Enrichment Program – and involved many with primarily the support and generosity of individuals (parent volunteers), corporate volunteers (Little League Soccer), neighbourhood schools (Siglap Secondary School, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, Meridien Primary School), and grassroots set-ups such as Pasir Ris Elias CCMC and North East CDC.

More than just being another soccer program, EPFC has evolved and is now a `family-oriented’ community program which has been running continuously for the past 11 years – unlike no other that has yet to be found nor replicated in Singapore. It is fully aligned to the nation’s multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural focus.

In being inclusive, EPFC has to that end organised numerous soccer events and tournaments not only for its members and the community at large but also for the differently-abled and less fortunate as well.

EPFC has endeavored and been successful in bringing competitive soccer to its members as well as to the football community. Many of its`groomed from the club’ kids are now playing soccer at the competitive levels for their schools, constituencies and S League COE & Prime League.

In the World Cup year of 2006, to fulfill the dreams of its Senior Team led by Coach Darren Stewart and assisted by Matt Greatorex, EPFC participated and emerged Champion in the FAS Island Wide League to be promoted to FAS National Football League Division 3 and thus raised the standard of EPFC football as well as provide a ‘goal’ for young EPFCians to strive towards.